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Sea and mountain

Benissa is a town in Alicante with 4 kilometres of coastline, making it an ideal destination to achieve communion with the sea. Because of this, it is essential that you enjoy it properly, thinking only about resting, going to the beach, places of entertainment and forgetting about managing your holidays. To achieve this objective, Plusholidays really is your best option.

We are proud to offer this holiday destination as it is one of the jewels of the Costa Blanca. This is for many reasons although we must highlight the following:

-The beaches: like all those along the Costa Blanca, you will not be able to find any fault with it and it is Benissa’s main attraction. Generally speaking, the biggest problem with quality beaches is overcrowding but, as a general rule, you will not have this problem in Benissa.
-Water sports: a great opportunity to practise these sports, which, unfortunately, we can only do in the summer. Benissa offers a wide range of water sports, but, personally, we recommend diving given the richness of its marine fauna and flora. For example, starfish always tend to prove popular with the little ones.
-The town itself: the town has a medieval architectural style and charm that will make you feel like you are in a different era. Furthermore, it also offers a tremendous diversity of cultures, including local.
Our luxury homes in Benissa are such good quality that they will enable you to get a good rest and thus really enjoy the experience of an unforgettable holiday, although our flagship products are our Benissa villas.

Benissa Beaches

As we were saying, this town’s beaches, where you will find a new way of enjoying the sun and the Mediterranean, are part of its intrinsic charm.

Bassetes bay offers unforgettable views of the Rock of Ifach, which is the main symbol of the Costa Blanca. This bay forms the border between Benissa and Calpe and there you can find a nautical club that shares its name.

The bay holds the distinction of a blue flag, which means that the beach is really clean and, furthermore, offers an array of activities such as diving, hiking, snorkelling, surfing and sailing, which will make you forget about job-related stress, enabling you to enjoy unlimited fun. These water sports tend to be very popular with the kids and are a good way of getting them to lose their fear of swimming and the sea. The beach is easily accessible and you will not have any problems parking as it has its own car park.

Fustera beach boasts a fine sand that you will find unforgettable. It also has large Posidonia meadows. Moreover, it has the blue flag distinction, the Ecoplayas prize and various other certificates that ensure a quality experience. You will find several beach bars where you can enjoy the local gastronomic experience.

Benissa Festivals

Regarding festivals, the main one is the Purísima Xiqueta, which is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in April and lasts for 10 days. This makes the area very vibrant at this time of year as lots of people come in from all over so you will be able to meet all kinds of people. You can enjoy free concerts, bullfighting shows, and the descent and the ascent of the virgin, which is famous in the area.

Also worth noting are the Moors and Christians festival and the Feria Porrat, which is held to honour St. Anthony.

With respect to other leisure activities, it is worth mentioning that you can take part in a range of art-related activities, such as visiting galleries, where you can take in work by local artists.

You can enjoy both family-oriented activities and those designed for couples or singles. For families, apart from trips to the beach, there are also children’s parks and several green zones and various routes that children can enjoy.

For singles and couples, there are lots of pubs, beachside bars, cyber cafes as well as all kinds of cultural activities that are not appropriate for children but which adults know how to enjoy.

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